Plus belle la vie: Boher on the verge of resigning!


Boher has just resigned from Plus belle la vie. He does not get along with Superintendent Cissé and wants to investigate Samia’s disappearance.

Nothing goes for Boher in Plus belle la vie. We remind you, Lea ended up in the hospital because of him. He also thinks that Samia has just been kidnapped by Pavel. So the policeman wants to resign. But not everything is going to go as planned.

It’s a bad time for our favorite cop. It must be said, when he married Irina he pronounced the first name of “Léa”. On the side of his ex-wife, Samia, she disappeared overnight. So Boher is sure that once again Pavel wants to hurt the people he loves.

It must be said that blood was found at the place of his disappearance. Jean-Paul therefore wants to investigate, he is sure of himself. But on the other hand the new commissioner does not agree with him. The policeman’s blood only spins and he loses control.

He therefore insults Commissioner Cissé after an argument. Boher therefore decides to resign in Plus belle la vie. On the other hand, he accepts the post of chief of the municipal police. He hopes he can investigate that side.


But on the other hand, Lea accepts the position of first assistant. And we feel that things will get complicated in Plus belle la vie. Especially since Boher does not want to let go. He wants to know what happened to Samia. And we can’t blame him.

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Patrick therefore asks him not to talk about Samia’s disappearance outside the police station. But if you want to know, Samia was not taken at all. In fact, she decided to leave for a fresh start.

A bit strange decision when you consider that she is the mother of a little girl. Jean-Paul should soon realize that. We will still have to continue to see the next episodes of Plus belle la vie to understand all that.


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