Plus belle la vie: Boher is convinced of Pavel’s kidnapping!


Boher thinks Pavel kidnapped Samia in Plus belle la vie. The policeman is tormented. But is it really the truth? Case to be continued.

Since Boher’s wedding, nothing has gone well in Plus belle la vie. The police officer is also convinced that Pavel organized a kidnapping. It must be said that the criminal almost killed Lea out of revenge for his daughter. Nothing goes!

On the day of the wedding, Jean-Paul pronounced the first name “Lea” instead of that of his future wife “Irina”. This is none other than the daughter of criminal Pavel. So, when she confided in her father, he decided to avenge her. Lea then ended up in the hospital.

But if the young girl was between life and death, the doctors managed to rescue her. A great relief in Plus belle la vie. But Boher is not at the end of his troubles. Between Lea at the hospital and Samia, who has just disappeared, it’s a mess.

So the policeman thinks Pavel is responsible for Samia’s disappearance. The police even found traces of blood in the parking lot. But if Jean-Paul is sure of himself, the commander does not want to draw too hasty conclusions on this story.


But in the end, is Pavel still guilty of a new crime? Attention a big spoiler will follow. Samia just ran away without saying a word. She decides to turn the page and leave for a new country for a new beginning.

In Plus belle la vie, Boher will therefore be at the end of his rope and that is understandable! In addition, those close to Leah are angry with him. If he hadn’t said her first name when she got married, nothing would have happened to the girl.

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So how is all of this going to end? To find out it will be necessary to follow the next episodes of Plus belle la vie. What is certain is that many twists await you for this new year.


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