Plus belle la vie: Boher betrays Irina


While fans of Plus belle la vie thought that Boher would get into a relationship with Samia, he betrayed the latter and Irina for Léa!

Things seem more and more complicated between Boher (Plus belle la vie), Irina and Samia. At first, the latter made a big blunder. When she realizes that she has forgotten her wedding dress, Boher offers to accompany her.

During the fittings for the alterations, Samia (Plus belle la vie) says all her love to Boher. On the other hand, the latter quickly flees when he sees Hadrien enter the shop. As she confesses her feelings in the cabin, it’s Hadrien behind the curtain.

Finally Samia (Plus belle la vie) gives up marrying Hadrien. For his part, the latter seeks at all costs to have explanations. It must be said that he does not expect a turnaround at all.

Samia then explains that she cannot marry Hadrian. But his goal really wasn’t to hurt him. He then asks the young woman to get out of the car.


The young woman then considers breaking off the union between Irina and Boher. Samia (Plus belle la vie) goes to church and does everything to get Boher back. It arrives right at the time of the exchange of alliances.

Boher, happier than ever, is on the verge of making his dreams come true. In these he uses the first name Samia instead of Irina. But to everyone’s surprise, Boher will pronounce Lea’s first name.

A shock for everyone. Irina and Samia can’t believe it. It must be said that they did not expect this situation at all. For her part, Léa does not know what to do. She also seems very embarrassed by the situation.

One thing’s for sure, fans can’t wait to see how things turn out on the show. Case to follow!