Plus belle la vie: Baptiste and Emma fight!


Nothing goes between Baptiste and Emma in Plus belle la vie. The young girl was spending the night with Caesar without having told her boyfriend.

Emma is gripped by doubts in Plus belle la vie. While Baptiste really enjoys his role as a stay-at-home father, the young woman does not feel well. So much so that she loses sight of Mathis in the last episode of the series. One mistake too many?

However, his companion does not hold it against him. But she feels compelled to leave. Emma therefore takes refuge with Caesar. Which doesn’t really suit her boyfriend. We can understand it. He who thought that all was well, he is wrong all the way.

There are a few episodes of Plus belle la vie, the young man put the dishes in the big ones. He then asked Emma if she wanted to have a second child with him. A situation the young girl really hadn’t seen coming.

Because indeed, it has a little trouble with motherhood. She doesn’t really feel comfortable. But of course, she doesn’t dare talk about it with Baptiste. Which plunges the young man into the most complete incomprehension. Especially when she goes to see Caesar.


So when she returns home, Baptiste is on the defensive. She therefore confides in him that she was with Caesar. What really annoys Baptiste in Plus belle la vie. “Were you alone with Caesar? What are you doing to me, every time it’s not going well you’re going to go to him? ”

Emma defends herself by saying that she wanted an outside opinion. But Baptiste doesn’t take it the same way. “The guy is not clear with you. He has no kid. What are you thinking about? I want to help you, but you don’t. ”

In the end, Baptiste goes to look for his son. Will Emma be there when she returns in Plus belle la vie? We will have to wait for the rest of the episodes to find out.


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