Plus belle la vie: Ariane suggests Jean-Paul take care!


Ariane tries to help her friend Boher in Plus belle la vie. The police even offers to pick up Lucie for the weekend.

Boher is at the bottom of the abyss in Plus belle la vie. For days he has been looking for Samia who vanished overnight. The policeman asks Ariane for help in his investigation. Especially since Lucie’s dad can’t do it on his own anymore.

Ariane therefore decides to help him. It must be said that Pavel is driving Jean-Paul crazy. Irina had assured her ex-fiancé that she and her father were holding Samia. But that’s not the case at all. It was all a stunt. Back to square one.

To help Boher, Ariane steals a USB key from Plus belle la vie. It shows the tapes from a strategic location. And so we feel that the policeman is not doing well. Especially since he has to take care of his daughter Lucie on his own. And all that is therefore a lot.

The policewoman therefore offers her help to dad. “What if I took Lucie this weekend?” I take him to see a little show that might be a good idea. I teach him my recipe for galette des rois. What do you think ? ”


Lucie’s dad then accepts his friend’s proposal. He then confides in her: “I won’t do it on my own”. It must be said that Boher has no answers for his daughter about her mother’s disappearance in Plus belle la vie. Ariane therefore asks how the little one is doing.

“It’s hard, he misses his mother. But she doesn’t talk about it too much. See, it’s funny, it’s the world upside down, it’s her protecting me. »Replied the policeman of Plus belle la vie. Seeing Jean-Paul in this state really hurts your heart. Especially since what he will learn is not going to help him.

Ariane will therefore discover that Samia left of her own free will in Algeria. The goal ? Take a new start. A story that still risks doing damage in Plus belle la vie.


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