Plus belle la vie: Are Samia and Boher ready to put it back?


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, Samia will tell Estelle a secret. She spent the night with Boher.

In the end, Samia Nasri and Jean-Paul Boher would not have given up on their story. In a future episode of Plus Belle La Vie, they will spend the night together.

Their love affair is not over! For many weeks now, the Marseille soap opera Plus Belle La Vie has been revolving around the romance between Jean-Paul Boher and Samia Nasri.

Long married, the two lovebirds separated a few years ago. Thus, the two had found shoes to their feet.

Besides, the two must also marry their respective spouses at the end of the year. Yet their two marriages may well be sabotaged.

The reason ? Little Lucie’s parents would still be madly in love with each other. In any case, that’s what Samia, played by Fabienne Carat, thinks.

So far in Plus Belle La Vie, the two exes had kept their distance. However, they will eventually crack. Or almost !

In an excerpt published on the Plus Belle La Vie website, we learn that there was a rapprochement between them. And not the least.

“I spent the night with Jean-Paul,” the pretty brunette told her friend Estelle. Which is surprisingly about her getting ready to marry Hadrian.

So the deputy mayor reassures her. ” But no ! I actually slept on the sofa. And he, in his room. However, she would have liked them to be in the same bed …


Thus, the one who left politics to finally switch to politics will admit defeat. “I can tell you that he always attracts me,” she admitted.

So, will Samia Nasri break her engagement to find her first love. What is more, the father of his child?

At the moment, we do not yet have a response. But it could well be so. Case to follow in Plus Belle La Vie.


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