Plus Belle la Vie: Actress Athena Zelcovich gets undressed!


Fans know her instead as Jenny in Plus belle la vie … Athena Zelcovich continues her acting career! We remember this homeless man who upset the Mistral … But Jenny has not reappeared in Plus belle la vie for a while! The actress, Athena Zelcovich, seems to be doing very well anyway …

Because she slowly pursues her career. Meanwhile, his Mistral ex, Syd, has been the talk of the party. He indeed helped to make Mazelle fall into the terrible story with Mouss… A little in spite of himself.

But the petty offender allowed the young man and his girlfriend, Mila, to come out of this terrible ordeal unscathed. The fact remains that we will not see Jenny again in Plus belle la vie!

The young homeless man, who loved squatting in empty houses, left the Mistral since 2019. “It was a great experience,” wrote Athena Zelcovich during her last days in the series.

The character who launched her in Plus belle la vie will never be far from her. “I wasn’t bored for a second and met some amazing people” … And the fans keep following her too!


The actress has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram. She stays very natural there, like in the series … And thus publishes photos of her life, of what she loves. But also photographs of photographers!

Athéna Zelcovich publishes pretty photos that her fans of Plus belle la vie will appreciate! We thus discover her topless, from the back… She also reveals a nice tattoo along her ribs. Very sexy !

“Free spirit”, as she describes herself, she thus becomes a model … And flaunts herself as crazy as she is sulphurous! This is undoubtedly one of the “nice surprises” that Athena Zelcovich promised her fans.

So it’s almost two years since Jenny left Plus belle la vie. Athéna Zelcovich, she seems more beautiful and happy than ever … We are still waiting to find her on the small or big screen!


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