Please Don’t Meet Her, three ways to suffer for love


The K-drama production team Please Don’t Meet Him, also known as Please Don’t Meet that Man, released a new teaser featuring their female leads Song Ha Yoon, Gong Min Jung, and Yoon Bo Mi.

Set to premiere on November 10, Please Don’t Meet Him is about a young professional woman named Seo Ji Sung, tired of failing to find a partner, her life will change when she stumbles upon an artificial intelligence program that helps her select candidates. .

K-Drama also stars Lee Jun Young of the K-Pop group U-KISS, as Jung Gook Hee, a handsome firefighter, an atypical person in the technology age who has no social media presence or cell phone.

In the video, Seo Ji Sung (Song Ha Yoon) appears desperate after discovering AI’s mysterious refrigerator, even crying at work. But then she crosses paths with Jung Gook Hee (Lee Jun Young).

In another scene, Tak Ki Hyun (Gong Min Jung) is seen saying, “I think we should get a divorce,” but is soon caught between two hunk, Kam Oh Joong (Kim Kyung Il) and Kim Sang Sik (Kim Tae Gyum).

In a last image an annoyed Moon Ye Seul (Yoon Bo Mi) throws a drink at her ex-boyfriend’s face, momentarily denied love and immediately appears sighing for the handsome dentist Han Yoo Jin (Joo Woo Jae).


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