PlayStation will donate funds and favorite videos of homeless ASPCA fans


PlayStation has announced its plan to make a major donation to the ASPCA, and Stray fans are invited to participate. The company makes this decision in light of how Stray has changed since release.

The tramp immediately gained popularity with people who love cats, and many of these people have their own cats and dogs who were intrigued by the simulated feline. The Internet is flooded with videos where people demonstrate their cats and dogs watching TV, and this did not go unnoticed for the PlayStation.

In a post on the official PlayStation blog, the company said that the reaction to the game was so positive that it was looking for a way to turn this trend into something good for pets. PlayStation has reached out to the ASPCA, and now PlayStation is ready to announce that it plans to make a $25,000 donation to the ASPCA. Nevertheless, parents of pets are asked to help, but not in the form of monetary donations, but with the help of videos and photos of their pets watching how they play with a Tramp.

Until September 23, PlayStation will follow videos and photos posted on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #StrayReactions. Once that date passes, the company will take what it considers to be the best reviews and combine them into a digital photo book, which it will give to the ASPCA along with a donation. The best materials will also be presented online in the form of a sizzling video.

The tramp previously had ties to charity and positive efforts to work with cats. Several copies of the game have been donated to animal health groups in the UK and the US to raise awareness of shelters and, in some cases, to help raise funds. The cat on which the game character of the Tramp is based was also once homeless, and even cat specialist and defender Jackson Galaxy discussed the game and played it on his YouTube channel.

BlueTwelve Studio has successfully launched a hit game about cats, and players from all over the world are not only enjoying the game, but also doing things like modifying their own cats in Stray. It is not yet known whether Stray will see a sequel or some kind of sequel, the positive aspects coming from the game, developers and platforms are not over yet. If you’re lucky, this PlayStation charity initiative will help bring more attention to the ASPCA and other charities and cat shelters in need of funds and support.

Stray is now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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