PlayStation uncovers its best kept secret 26 years later


The original Sony machine allowed you to recover recently deleted data from the Memory Card using a combination of buttons.

More than half a century. That’s how long it took to discover one of the tricks of the first PlayStation, a console that celebrated its 25th anniversary last year 2019. As published by our HuffPost colleagues, the youtuber John Glasscock has brought to light a completely unknown feature , which did not appear in the instruction manuals or in any magazine of the time. And is that players could recover recently deleted games using a combination of buttons.

This trick would have been very useful at the time, since everyone has mistakenly deleted a game (or regretted it when it was too late). PlayStation did not have internal storage to save games, so it was necessary to use external cards, known as Memory Cards.

To recover a deleted file, just insert the card and go to the Memory Card menu. So, you have to press the R1, R2, L1 and L2 buttons at the same time three times in a row. If everything goes well, you will get back that game that you thought you had lost forever. Of course, if you deleted it shortly before.

Several generations later

PlayStation came to the market to compete against the two giants of the time, Nintendo and SEGA. The former had triumphed with the NES and SNES, while the latter had its golden age in the days of MegaDrive. The irruption of Sony in the market gave a return to the market situation, since SEGA failed to overcome with Saturn and Nintendo 64 did not sell the units that had been planned.

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Today, both Sony and Nintendo are in great health. PlayStation 4 still has life ahead of it, while the Nintendo Switch sells at a faster rate than expectations had determined. PlayStation 5, Sony’s new generation console, will be released on December 19 in the Spanish market


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