PlayStation Studios Now Has Its Own Mentor Page On Steam


PlayStation Studios: Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition and other titles from Sony Interactive Entertainment are now included within the new publisher page. PlayStation Studios is already listed as a mentor on Steam, Valve Corporation’s distribution platform. To date, all Sony Interactive Entertainment video games published on PC – the first was Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture in 2016 – were published under the PlayStation Mobile, Inc. edition. From now on, the brand created last year will do so. encompass all the studies belonging to the Japanese giant.

At the moment, the PlayStation Studios mentor page has the cards for titles such as Helldivers: Diver Harder Edition, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition and Days Gone, which will go on sale next May 18.

PlayStation Studios on PC; Days Gone is next

In just two days (May 18), Bend Studio’s open-world action game will be available on Steam. It is the second great Sony exclusive to land on PC after Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition did the same in August 2020.

In our analysis of Days Gone (8.0 / 10), we said that “it is a shy game that does not dare to propose too many new things. Now, the two that it presents shine with their own light. The hordes and especially the motorcycle redeem him from not innovating too much and simplifying the concepts and mechanics that he inherits from other games ”. In addition, we highlighted the fact of having “a story to match and a very long adventure full of content.”

Days Gone 2 came to be on the table

On the other hand, the former director of the game Jeff Ross, acknowledged in an interview with David Jaffe that there were plans to develop a sequel, although Sony would have discarded it with the intention that Bend Studio resume its role as a support studio to work on a title. Naughty Dog multiplayer, according to Jason Schreier’s Bloomberg post. Also, Ross did not comment on the current status of the sequel at any time.


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