PlayStation Store will close on PS3 and PSP on July 2

Sony may permanently close the digital store for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita consoles soon. According to information obtained by The Gamer, the company plans to close PlayStation Network and close PlayStation Store on platforms from July.

The first consoles affected will be the PS3 and PSP. The services will be disabled on devices on July 2, according to sources consulted by the website.

The PlayStation Vita store and online resources are expected to be available for a longer period of time, until August 27. According to The Gamer, Sony plans to announce the closure of PSN on platforms in late March.

Goodbye, digital games

The end of PlayStation Store on consoles removes the possibility for players to buy digital games on platforms. With that, the only way to get new games is to acquire physical copies.

Even with the end of the store, the trend is that Sony still provide some way for users to download the games they already have on the consoles. So far, the company has not officially commented on the matter and the information should be treated as a rumor.

The PlayStation 3 was launched in 2006 and has gained two revisions in its life cycle. Sony introduced a Slim version in 2009 and launched an even more compact Super Slim edition of the console in 2012.

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) hit the market in 2004 to compete with the Nintendo DS and had about 80 million units sold. The console was succeeded by PS Vita in 2011, but the new version was not so successful in the market.



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