PlayStation Removes Japan Studio From Its List Of In-House Developers


PlayStation: The studio has recently been dismantled, so many of its visible heads have left the company. Japan Studio’s farewell has symbolically materialized with its removal from the official PlayStation website. It was already confirmed that the developer would stop producing games as such, since part of its staff has been integrated into Team Asobi, the creators of Astro Bot and Astro’s Playground. Previously, Japan Studio featured alongside other internal company teams, such as Insomniac Games, Guerrilla or Naughty Dog.

It should be noted that Team Asobi now appears in its place, which as we have mentioned has de facto replaced Japan Studio. In fact, several of those responsible for titles such as Gravity Rush, Siren or Bloodborne (in production, since this game was developed by From Software), have been leaving Sony to join other projects and companies. One of them is Keiichiro Toyama, who along with other veterans has founded Bokeh Game Studios. The former director of the original Silent Hill is working on a new horror video game, although there are still years for the title to see the light of day.

After acquiring Insomniac Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced two acquisitions. One of them is Housermarque, the studio responsible for arcade projects such as Resogun or Nex Machina, as well as the recent Returnal for PS5. Although the operation had been in the works for quite some time, the Housemarque co-founder decided to paralyze the talks until the video game was commercialized.

Sony has also confirmed a similar agreement with Nixxes, specializing in PC game ports and offering technical support. PlayStation Japan, meanwhile, made a mistake when uploading an image and advanced the purchase of Bluepoint Games, a studio used to making remasters and remakes, among others that of Demon’s Souls. At the moment they have not announced the purchase officially.


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