PlayStation: promotions on consoles, accessories


We have reached another Wednesday, and with that it is time to check out the new edition of our weekly list with the main offers in the PlayStation world, including physical and digital games, accessories, in addition, of course, the consoles.

As usual, the offers are separated by the categories consoles, accessories, physical games and digital games. It is also worth remembering that the values ​​quoted consider the time of publication of this article, and it is possible that prices vary over time, depending on the stock and campaigns of the websites mentioned.

Fans of Lucasfilm franchises received excellent news this week. Disney has just opened Lucasfilm Games, a developer dedicated to developing games from the famous franchises of the legendary Hollywood studio. Among the first projects, a new Indiana Jones game, developed by Bethesda, and an open world Star Wars title, produced by the developer of The Divison 2, are confirmed, marking the end of the exclusive agreement between Disney and EA.

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