PlayStation Plus, The First Sign For Video Pass Service


PlayStation Plus is the first sign for the Video Pass service, one more reason to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service may soon be found besides the extra games and multiplayer experience. According to the news on the VGC site, Sony shared the logo and description of the PlayStation Plus Video Pass service on its website for a short time.

Although the sharing is later removed, it appears that access to Sony movies will be available during the one-year trial service. These films include movies such as Bloodshot, Venom, and Zombieland: Double Tap. There is no statement from Sony on the subject for now.

It must be said that Sony’s timing is not correct. The company recently announced that it will stop selling TV series and movies on PlayStation Store as of August 31. Video Pass seems like a viable choice to fill this gap. Sony has a large video catalog that will not rely on other agreements. Funimation, within the company, recently purchased the animation service Crunchyroll.

It can also be said that with the PlayStation Plus Video Pass, the overall value of PlayStation Plus will increase a little more. Extra content may also seem attractive for those who do not take full advantage of the game’s possibilities of the service.


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