PlayStation Plus May Games Revealed


PlayStation Plus subscribers can get free games every month. Sony has announced three PlayStation Plus games for May. One of the games he announced is coming for PlayStation 5. PlayStation Plus subscribers can sometimes get good games. May games include one racing, one survival and one action FPS game.

Battlefield V coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers

PlayStation Plus The games of May are as follows: Battlefield V, Wreckfest (PS5) and Stranded Deep. Sony may not be able to offer such great games to PlayStation PlusK subscribers every month. Especially Battlefield V will delight PlayStation users who are fans of the series.

Even though Battlefield V’s single player mode is uninspiring, the multiplayer mode can be given a chance. The multiplayer mode of Battlefield V also has its downsides, but the weapon mechanics it offers allows you to ignore the bad sides of the game. Wreckfest is a racing game with splinter effects. Wreckfest was released by the developers of FlatOut.

Those who have played FlatOut will feel that spirit when they enter Wreckfest. Wreckfest has been added to the list of May games for PlayStation 5. With the performance offered by the PS5, Wreckfest will be much better. The last game is Stranded Deep. Stranded Deep is almost one of the most intriguing survival games. The limited mechanics in the game may bore you a little at first. But as you explore other islands and defeat bosses, the game evolves into a beautiful place.

Battlefield V, Wreckfest and Stranded Deep, offered exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers, will be available on May 4th.


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