PlayStation Plus Loses More Than a Million Subscribers inThe Quarter


PlayStation Plus: Sony today (4) unveiled its financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2021, and there you can see that the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers took a big drop for the first time, plummeting from 47.6 million in the last quarter of 2020 to just 46.3 million now.

In one quarter, no less than 1.3 million players chose not to renew their subscription to the service, which, until then, continued to show steady growth.

In a later webcast, CFO Hiroki Totoki claimed that the biggest culprit for the crash was the boom from the lockdown and explosion of the coronavirus pandemic throughout 2020, which ultimately led to an increase in the number of people trapped at home playing video game:

“It’s true that 104 million monthly active users is not such a strong number, but is it really a decreasing curve? I don’t think so. We are evaluating different elements, but we still can’t identify a curve. Maybe next month we’ll need to take a closer look, but at the risk of repeating myself, I reiterate that demand for home games grew too much in 2020, so it’s better to compare with 2019 to see how we grow.”

It is worth remembering that during this period Brazilian players also campaigned against the price increase of PlayStation Plus and games around here. Do these numbers really indicate a downward trend? Do you think Sony needs to improve PlayStation Plus? Comment below!


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