PlayStation: Players campaign against raises on PSN BR


PlayStation: The information that PlayStation Hits line games had an increase in the PS Store was the trigger for players to start, this Wednesday (30), a campaign on social networks. With the tag #PlaystationLowerPrices, Brazilians demand that PlayStation Brasil review the price adjustments.

In addition to the new game values, users are remembering the PS Plus price hikes. Starting on July 7, one week from now, all service plans will go up by at least 30%.

“Against the increase in PlayStation games and services in Brazil. We, gamers, and fans ask PlayStation Brasil to look at us and our harsh reality, reducing its values ​​practiced”, says one of the images produced by fans and which is being republished mainly on Twitter.

Gamers are justifying their requests even using an Xbox game price comparison. Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, for example, is priced at $29.99 at PS and Xbox stores across the United States. While at Microsoft’s Brazilian store the game costs R$79, on PSN the same title is coming out for $124.90.

The campaign, which is taking place in a decentralized manner, has also used the tag #JogarTemLimites, in reference to the slogan “Play No Limits” by the Japanese video game brand.