PlayStation Opens Job Opening And Suggests Buying More Studios


PlayStation: The PlayStation 5 is already being a great sales success and boasting a great and varied library of games, but Sony seems interested in continuing to buy studios and expand its ecosystem with the most diverse talents!

A good indication of this is a job opening that was discovered on LinkedIn. In it, PlayStation San Mateo, USA, says it is looking for a director of acquisitions and another professional to manage merger human resources.

In the job description, Sony expresses its desire to have someone “working closely with the finance and corporate development team, as well as the employment and staff integration legal department.”

There are rumors going around that the Housemarque studio, responsible for Resogun and Returnal, may have been bought even on terms under embargo, but there is still nothing concrete about this topic or about the purchase of other studios, leaving only the speculation of fans for now.

Will this change with the arrival of E3 2021? Which studio would you like to see Sony bought? Comment below!


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