PlayStation On PC: All The Games So Far, What Can Be Next?


PlayStation: With the arrival of God of War on PC next January, Sony’s journey into the PC gamer market continues to grow. Who will be next? God of War will arrive on PC on January 14. Sony makes official the premiere not only of another great success from the PlayStation Studios portfolio to Steam and the Epic Games Store, but the addition of one of the company’s most recognizable icons. Because Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn were just a warning of what is to come. We go through all the confirmed PS4 and PS5 games on PC at the moment and wonder what the next ones can be.

All PlayStation games confirmed on PC so far

We start with information. So far, these are the games available or with a confirmed date on computer from PlayStation, all native to PS4:

Horizon zero dawn
Days gone
Uncharted: Legacy of the Thieves Collection
God of war


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