PlayStation Lowers PS5 Prices in Brazil; Check New Values


Sony announced today (18) a reduction in the prices of the PlayStation 5 and its accessories in the Brazilian market. After the new IPI reduction announced recently by the government, the company lowered the suggested values ​​of its new generation consoles and peripherals as well.

Now, the PlayStation 5 with disc player will sell for R$4,399.90, while the digital edition, which does not support physical media, will appear on the market for R$3,899.90 — a decrease of R$300 in both cases. The DualSense line controls were also affected by the change, with a reduction of R$30 in their values.

As you can see from Sony’s list, the reduction is not exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and its accessory family. The company has lowered the value of the PS4, which will be sold at a suggested retail price of R$2,599 from now on. The DualShock 4 line controls also received a decrease of R$20 in their values ​​in Brazil.

According to the company, prices will start to apply as soon as new stocks of the products reach the market. It is also noteworthy that the values ​​in question are Sony’s suggestions and may vary depending on the stores and retailers that sell the consoles in the country.


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