PlayStation Has Best Q1 Income In Its History With PS5


PlayStation: Sony recently released its fiscal report for the first quarter of fiscal 2021, this year’s Q1. As expected, the company reported considerable gains, especially in the PlayStation segment, which posted its highest Q1 revenue in its entire history.

The PlayStation reached an income of US$ 5.6 billion between April and June 2021, an extremely important figure in one of the periods considered less heated in the year. With this new record, the “ranking” of Q1 for the PlayStation is as follows:

Sony Q1 FY21
Sony Q1 FY20
Sony Q1 FY18

But the number also deserves to be highlighted in other comparisons. As the hottest period of sales is Q3 – which falls during the end of the year – it is interesting to know which quarters are the best outside Q3 for a company. And the 2021 Q1 for the PlayStation was its second highest income ever, trailing only the 2020 Q4.

When we take into account that the 2020 Q4 spans the months of January to March 2021, it’s clear that both it and the 2021 Q1 are getting these incredible numbers because of the PS5’s success primarily.

But, as we know, the PS5 is being sold at a loss per unit to have a heated start of generation – something common in the console segment. But even so, the first quarter of fiscal 2021 still managed to score the third best profit in PlayStation history for the period.


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