PlayStation has already considered remaking Uncharted


With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, it is increasingly common to see a high demand for the re-launch of classic games. Considering the good reception of Demon’s Souls Remake, which came straight from the PS3 to win a version with top-of-the-line graphics on the PS5, it is to be expected that Sony will be aware of more opportunities like this.

During David Jaffe’s Gabbin + Gamin program, Michael Mumbauer, the former boss of Sony San Diego Studio, spoke a little about his old work and how the team’s focus was really shifting to remakes and remastering over the years.

“That’s what I was looking for, and that’s what the development team was built for. I believed there was a lot of value in remaking the original God of War with the same visual fidelity that we have in today’s games, or who knows redo Uncharted 1 too. ”

It is worth noting that there are still more than 200 people employed in the studio, the team mentioned by Michael, but there is no official information about whether or not they are conducting projects in this line. Will we see the remastering of any of these titles in the future? Which game would you most like to see remastered? Comment below!


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