PlayStation: Former Employee Accuses Company Of Gender Discrimination


PlayStation: A former IT security analyst sued Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) last Monday (22) alleging gender discrimination at the company. The former employee says she was unfairly fired after talking about the issue of discrimination against women within the company.

According to the Axios website, the lawsuit, which was filed in California and is public, belongs to Emma Majo. In addition to speaking in court on her case, she is trying to encourage other women to file a class action suit against the Japanese company.

In the court document, Majo alleges that she suffered violations of the US Equal Pay Act. She also says that she was ignored by a manager who only responded to male employees, who did not receive promotions to the detriment of men, and that her dismissal took place after she said that she was suffering prejudice in the work environment.

“The differential treatment between male and female employees is standard at Sony. Sony discriminates against female employees, including those who identify themselves as women, on remuneration and promotion and subjects them to a predominantly male work culture,” says an excerpt from the lawsuit.

The document also alleges that the company failed to create procedures to ensure equal treatment of opportunities for all genders. In the case file, the text points out that despite saying that 41% of PlayStation owners are women, a 2020 study showed that the brand’s Executive Committee is made up 100% of men.

Sony has not yet officially commented on the matter.

Blizzard case

The subject of the lawsuit against the Japanese giant arises right when the spotlight is turned to Activision Blizzard. The developer has faced a lot of pressure from partners, former employees and even the US courts because of serious allegations of sexism, sexism and sexual harassment, especially against women.

The president of the PlayStation division, Jim Ryan, even spoke out internally on the Blizzard case. In emails sent to employees, he said he was disappointed and surprised by what was happening at the developer.

In the messages, obtained by journalist Jason Schreier, Bloomberg, Ryan revealed to Sony employees that he had contacted the developer to address the dissatisfaction with the cases and demand responses and immediate action.