PlayStation Fan Shows off Gorgeous DualShock Tattoo


Fans have been demonstrating their love for games through a wide variety of creative means almost since games have existed. However, there are also fans who take it one step further and instead choose a more permanent method of showing their adoration not only for games, but also for consoles such as Sony PlayStation.

Reddit user seabass_49 is now paying homage to Sony’s PlayStation with a very detailed and colorful new tattoo of the DualShock controller. Bright emerald light bursting at the seams, the controller itself has a standard jet-black color, the shapes of the buttons retain their well-known color scheme, and above the controller itself is the iconic PlayStation launch logo.

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A more permanent approach, tattooing stands in its place among fans celebrating the games they love and enjoy, a passion that can be found in many different forms, including a watercolor drawing of a certain Daedric prince from Skyrim. Seabass_49 states that when the tattoo was just put on display, they discovered the artist’s wish list and chose the PlayStation controller option, being fans of both the artist and the PS2/PS3 DualShock design. The artist’s condition was that the controller should be in a state of breakdown, with a glow coming from inside, although the choice of color caused a violent mixture of reactions.

People seemed to like my tattoo on r/tattoo, and I thought you’d like it too! from a game console

The chosen shade of green has already been compared to one of PlayStation’s competitors, namely Xbox, another console that has received its share of appreciation, including one fan who gave his Xbox Series X a pink hue. However, seabass_49 stated that they already knew what the color choice might look like, and that the reasons why the decision was made had nothing to do with a competing console. Instead, they cited their love of nostalgic old design as the basis of the color palette used.

Tattoos can be a great way to express yourself when it comes to the gaming community. With the artistry, passion and dedication often associated with tattoos, there is no end to the possibilities that exist when it comes to receiving homage to a favorite game or console.


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