PlayStation details the PS4 peripherals compatible with Ps5


Sony announces what PlayStation 4 accessories we can use on PlayStation 5 and under what circumstances, including controllers, VR, steering wheels, headphones and more.

PS5 is getting closer and so Sony is offering new details on the PlayStation ecosystem that will soon be expanded with the arrival of its new console. For this reason, and through an official publication on the PlayStation blog, Sony has detailed what PS4 peripherals and accessories we can also use PS5; from DualShock 4 controllers to headphones, through steering wheels, PS Move, PS Camera, PS VR and more.

PS4 peripherals compatible with PS5

And it is that there are not a few peripherals that we can currently use on PS4, which may raise doubts about whether a certain controller or headphone will be compatible or not with PS5. Sony wanted to answer possible questions from users; Let’s see what PlayStation has clarified through its official publication.

We start with the basic PS4 peripheral, the DualShock 4; Thus, the standard PlayStation 4 controller and compatible controllers will only work on PS5 with backwards compatible PS4 games, not with those of the new console. For these we will already have the new DualSense. On the other hand, PS4-compatible steering wheels, arcade sticks, and similar peripherals will also work with PS5 games. Fantastic news for fans of driving and fighting games, without a doubt.

We turn to headphones, an accessory increasingly popular with gamers; Thus, Sony’s headphones and those of other companies compatible with PS4 will work on PS5 only through USB or audio jack; Of course, the audio applications of these devices will not be compatible. Last but not least, all PS4 VR related peripherals such as PS VR, PS Move, PS VR Aim Controller and PS Camera will also be compatible with PS5 and compatible games.

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Of course, there is a small “but” with PlayStation Camera from PS4 on PS5, which will require an adapter that will be delivered at no cost to PS VR users; at the moment there are no details of how this adapter will be delivered.


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