PlayStation Creator Criticizes Virtual Reality In Metaverse


PlayStation: The gaming and entertainment market may even be excited about the metaverse idea, but the same cannot be said for the creator of the PlayStation. The 71-year-old Ken Kutaragi said he not only dislikes the idea of ​​virtual realities, saying he can’t recognize the technology’s purpose, but also seems to hate VR headsets.

Now distant from the gaming world, working in industrial robotics at Ascent Robotics, a Tokyo-based artificial intelligence startup, Kutaragi’s role is now to manufacture fully autonomous, smarter and more versatile machines. The idea is that robots can perform many different tasks, instead of focusing on just one type of production.

In an interview published yesterday (20) on Bloomberg, the father of PlayStation did not hold his tongue when criticizing new technologies. “Being in the real world is very important,” said Kutaragi. “The metaverse wants to create an almost real virtual world, but I can’t see the purpose of it,” he continued.

For him, it makes no sense to live in a false world, wearing a look that is not his. “Would you rather be an avatar than who you really are? Essentially, this is nothing different from anonymous messaging sites,” said the creator of Sony’s console.

The Japanese took the opportunity to comment on virtual reality, especially on the equipment used, such as VR glasses. “Headsets isolate you from the real world and I can’t agree with that,” he told the site. “Headsets are just annoying”, concluded the thought, saying what he really thinks about the technology.