PlayStation CEO defends the role of its female protagonists


Jim Ryan believes they have helped the number of female gamers grow in many regions and have seen the results throughout the generation.

PlayStation CEO defends the role of its female protagonists
The role of women as the main character in video games is still very small in relation to male participation in main characters; however, during this generation we have seen an incipient growth of female leads with more prominent roles. From the point of view of Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, their input has been capital and, in fact, they have seen the results in some regions.

More women played PlayStation video games this generation

“A lot of the work that we’ve done with female leads in video games, we definitely see resonant and it results in a greater presence of female demographics within the PlayStation community,” she says. In this way, the presence of characters such as Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Ellie (The Last of Us) or Chloe Frazer (Uncharted), among others, has allowed a greater number of consumers of consoles and video games in other regions. PlayStation, is drawn from her words.

“And then there is obviously the geography. During the PS4 generation we’ve seen great strides in Germany and the Middle East, and I think we’ve made more progress in both areas. But also, I think that Asia, outside of Japan, there is still great potential for us ”, he comments, as does Latin America, where the PlayStation brand still has a great room for improvement. On the one hand, in Latin America there is the problem of taxes on electronic products, which raise the price of consoles to levels that incapacitate the middle class for their purchase; on the other, Asia, where Nintendo Switch currently has a very high market share.

Ryan has not gone into assessing the role of the leading female figure in video games in matters of social or political equality, but rather her argument has revolved around the growth of her business area.

The launch of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition is getting closer and closer. On November 12 (November 19 in Europe) the console will go on sale for 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively, with the difference that the second model does not have the disc player.


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