PlayStation CEO Announces Different Color Options for PS5 Design


Until the day it was introduced, PS5 created excitement with its features and games. However, it has been talking about its design almost entirely since its launch. As discussions continue between likes and dislikes, PlayStation CEO heralded the future of different color options.

The designs of the PS5 and XBOX Series X were among the leading discussions about consoles. While the PS4 and Xbox One are intended to adapt to the aesthetics of the room, the PS5 has been asked to stand out and stand out in the room. Everyone thinks the PS5 design is unlike anything before. ‘Almost futuristic’ comments are made for design worldwide.

In an interview with, Playstation CEO Jim Ryan gave information about the idea behind PS5 design and much more.

“The design was intended to be bold, daring and forward-looking”

The PS5 design really looks like it breathes new life. Everyone agrees that the new console looks ‘interesting’. An interesting design that seems to boast with its powerful gaming hardware.

In an interview with, Jim Ryan says that the newest Playstation is “quantum leaping to the current generation”. CEO, for the design; “We wanted to do something bold and almost daring. We aimed to be something forward and future-oriented for the 2020s. ” said. PS5 is expected to become an element that reflects its era in the game world.

“Different color options will be released gradually”

The CEO seems right when he says it. This brand new console; With its long, ‘reverse-oreo’ design, it looks absolutely futuristic, as if it were out of a game. Ryan also reported that the white-black-and-white color combination is just one of many color schemes that the PS5 will use gradually.

Digital and Standard Edition

The Playstation CEO made it clear that there was no difference in the design of both variants. They offered a digital option because they realized that a third of the games were digitally purchased and downloaded in the first quarter of this year. Ryan says people are digitalizing their games as well as music and movies, and the Playstation is trying to catch it.

For those who are concerned about the compatibility of older disks, he says the PS5 is designed to play PS4 games. “We go through a process with publishers and developers testing this comprehensive library of over 4,000 games. We are pleased with the point reached. ” testified. During the interview, PlayStayion CEO Jim Ryan left only the question of “whether there will be a price difference between the digital console and the standard console”.


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