PlayStation Cancels The Release Of Gran Turismo 7 In Russia


Gran Turismo 7: The big video game companies continue to cut their ties with Russia due to the conflict generated by its invasion of Ukraine. This time it was Sony. Gran Turismo 7 was released on March 4 on PS5 and PS4 with the intention of capturing the return of a true myth in driving video games. A long-awaited title among lovers of both the franchise, which debuted on PlayStation back in 1997, and fans of the genre. However, there is one country where the game is not available: Russia. Until now, in the product file we can see that the launch date is still pending. In addition, the game does not appear on the front page of the website, where only Horizon: Fobidden West appears as the main novelty. The reason, as is evident, is Sony’s protest against Russia for the situation generated by its invasion of Ukraine.

The industry is positioned against Russia

The absence of Gran Turismo in the PlayStation store in Russia is just one more movement by the industry, in which in recent days we have several companies stepping forward and acting as much as possible. The first of these was GSC Game World, which confirmed the halt in development of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl. Shortly after, it was Microsoft and Electronic Arts, two of the largest companies in existence, who ceased their sales in Russia. And we haven’t just seen lockdowns in stores; also updates as a protest as is the case with FIFA 22, which confirmed the withdrawal of both the Russian Premier League and the national team.

Gran Turismo 7 hit stores on March 4 and is available on both PS5 and PS4. In the following link we tell you everything you need to know about where to buy the game and the differences between all its editions.