PlayStation cancels PS5 event due to conflicts


Sony just announced that the event that would show the PS5 games, scheduled for June 4, will be postponed. According to the brand, gamers are very excited to see PlayStation 5 games, but now is not the time for celebration, possibly referring to protests against racism in the U.S. that are dominating headlines around the world.

This is endorsed in the excerpt where the brand says: “we want to step aside and allow more important voices to be heard”, as the PS5 announcement would have a big space in the news and, for Sony, the most important thing is that the protests have the due prominence, without divergences. Check out the tweet:

Although Sony says “postponement”, a new date has not been revealed. The event would take place on June 4, Thursday, to show the first PS5 games running on the company’s new hardware. Now, we will have to wait for a new announcement date.

Game fans may be saddened by what happened, but without a doubt, this is a legal action on the part of Sony so that matters of extreme importance, such as combating racism, are on the agenda worldwide.


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