PlayStation Can Ease KOTOR Remake Delay By Doing One Thing


At the end of 2021, it became known on the Playstation Showcase that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is being remade by the developer Aspyr Media. Released on Playstation 5 and PC, the game will undergo a remake from scratch. However, the latest news suggests that players may have to wait for their next trip to a galaxy far, far away.

Widely acclaimed as one of the best role-playing games ever created, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has received critical and fan acclaim since its first release in 2003. a confession (somewhat overshadowed by complaints that he was in a hurry to meet the release window in late 2004 – early 2005). Since then, the Knights series has been inactive (except that Darth Revan is now the canon of Star Wars), while other games, primarily the MMORPG “Star Wars: The Old Republic” from BioWare, took up storytelling during this period. In addition to periodic additions to The Old Republic, this was the lot of players until 2021, when a complete remake of the original Knights of the Old Republic was announced. However, recent news overshadowed the situation; at the end of July 2022, it was announced that work on the remake was suspended indefinitely due to massive changes in the studio.

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This news came as a shock to fans who were looking forward to their return to the franchise, and although it’s unpleasant to hear that the game is in an indefinite limbo, Playstation has the opportunity to ease the suffering of fans by releasing ports (not remakes or remasters) of the original two games for Playstation 4 and 5. In addition to some of the best Star Wars gaming moments, the games have already proven that they can be ported to modern systems, with ports available on Switch, and PlayStation fans suddenly refused to release Knights of the Old Republic for an indefinite time, it’s time to move the games to PlayStation consoles to ease the suffering of players.

Knights Of The Old Republic ports 1 and 2 will give fans a chance to return to the franchise while they wait for the remake

In June 2022, the first and second Knights of the Old Republic were moved to the switchboard with restored cut-out content. Although these releases were not complete remasters or remakes, they showed that games are more than possible to play on modern consoles. Given that the release date of Knights of the Old Republic Remake is under threat, it made sense for Playstation to insure players by giving them access to the originals in their best states, allowing those who have never met the Old Republic to do so while they wait for a modern interpretation.

Taking it one step further, it demonstrates how possible it would be to transfer the originals to modern consoles when, despite not appearing at Star Wars Celebration 2022, the BioWare co-founder has already tried to do so. Trent Oster, currently CEO of Beamdog, posted a tweet congratulating Aspyr for their initial announcement of the remake, and below posted a brief overview of the presentation his studio formed for remastering the first two Knights of the Old Republic games called Knights of the Old Republic: Reformed Collection. . Judging by the name, the “collection” should have included both games, not just the first one.

Here is a brief overview of our unsuccessful presentation: (The collection is Reforged). It always makes me sad to look at unsuccessful pitches after the fact and think about the hard work done to create them.

— Trent Oster (@TrentOster) September 10, 2021

The news of the indefinite delay overshadowed the celebration that many players experienced at the prospect of returning to their favorite sci-fi setting with modern graphics and amenities. At the moment, you have a chance to see Bastila, Revan and the rest of your favorite fans (now with possible changes due to the fact that the game is in the canon) Knights of the Old Republic characters on the Playstation console, regardless of graphic accuracy. Calm the players down while Aspyr media gets the remake back on track. Playstation has wisely released games on its modern consoles so that players can get a taste of a galaxy far, far away.


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