PlayStation Believes PS5 UI Will Make a Difference


We will see the interface of the new console before the PlayStation 5, Sony’s next-generation console, which will begin delivery in November. The firm promised to deliver the interface features in a “really cool” way.


PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan announced that Sony plans to share more details of the new PS5 user experience with people in the coming period. Ryan’s goal is to create more engagement and improve time spent on the platform.

Ryan stated that they especially focused on the interface for the changes they will make on the new platform. The importance of a better interface becomes clearer when we consider what consoles, which have now turned into a home entertainment system from a game machine, can do.

“Cool things will come”

PlayStation CEO stated, “They haven’t shown people anything about the PlayStation 5’s user experience yet, and there are some very cool things to come at this point.” In a sense, he explained that the new interface will be introduced in a remarkable way.

According to Ryan, the reason for this situation was what he saw this year. Stating that what they saw took their breath away, the CEO stated that he opened his eyes to opportunities they were not even aware of.

Stating that they see new opportunities to grow their communities in addition to their data, PlayStation’s most authorized name said that they saw the opportunity to bring PlayStation to more people around the world. This excited the players in general.

We will hear about the PlayStation 5 until November

Although the two most curious questions about the console, when it will be released and how much money will be answered, there is a lot of wonder about the console. These include next-generation update patches and release dates for games such as Horizon Forbidden West and God of War 2.

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Ryan also made a statement that completely blocked the possibility of a subscription model similar to the Xbox Game Pass for PlayStation. According to the CEO, this model is not at all suitable for the budget for first-party game development. Let’s see what more features Sony will introduce to us in the remaining 8 weeks.


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