PlayStation architect says he skipped platinum with trophies


In an interview with Game Informer, PlayStation architect Mark Cerny confessed that he avoids platinum gaming with online trophies due to a gamer trauma he experienced while working as a designer on the PS3 Resistance franchise.

During the interview, Mark Cerny recalled his moments as a player, rescuing the time when he played in arcades and developed challenging games that many times the public could not even finish. However, none of the previous challenges seems to have had as great an impact on their experiences as the arrival of the trophy system, which came to test how far fans can really go.

The architect commented that he started hunting trophies only on PS4, despite having tried to start on PS3. Mark played hundreds of hours in Resistance when he was still working as one of the designers, but although he managed to finish the campaign at the most difficult level, he was destroyed in online mode, and that made him abandon any possibility of getting 100% in multiplayer games.

“The multiplayer people are too good!”, He said. “I ended up being dominated by players who were playing the game for the first time. So, if the platinum trophy needs online, I ignore it.”

Currently, Mark has 33 platinum, including simpler ones like Shadows of Mordor and some more complicated ones like in Knack and Resogun. His next objective is to obtain all Cuphead trophies, but the designer believes that he may not be able to win them, since it is “very difficult for me”.

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