PlayStation announced the date of the expected broadcast!


Although PlayStation 5 comes to mind when it comes to PlayStation recently, work in other areas continues at full speed. In this context, the date of the State of Play broadcast, which has not been made for a long time, has been announced.

While Microsoft conveys the latest developments to the players with the Inside Box every month, there is Nintendo Direct, which is not done regularly on the Nintendo front, but makes a name for itself. Their counterpart on the Sony front is State of Play.

PlayStation announces State of Play release date!

Sony’s official statement states that new developments on PlayStation 5 games will be transferred and will be a publication that will exceed 40 minutes. There will be many new game views, as well as updates to the games.

PlayStation, State of Play yayın tarihini açıkladı!

It was explained in things that are not included in the content of the event so that the players do not get excited and believe in the claims. In this context, no updates about PlayStation Studios will be mentioned. Similarly, it is already emphasized that no information such as the price of the equipment, the preorder and the release date will be shared, especially the PlayStation 5.

State of Play will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube on August 6.

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