PlayStation Agenda: the exclusive PS4 and PS5 games


With the arrival of the new generation of Sony consoles, we review the games that have confirmed launch for this year. Which one do you prefer?

The year 2021 begins, a fundamental year for the video game industry, which seeks to recover from the obstacles of a pandemic that has not yet ended and that seeks to make the transition to the new generation as agile and fast as possible. In Sony’s case, the PlayStation 5 is experiencing serious stock problems, while the fear of delays directly affects everyone. All in all, the names on the table invite this to be a year to remember, but what awaits us in terms of exclusives for PS4 and PS5?

As we have done with Xbox and Nintendo Switch, it is time to get to know the main exclusive titles on PlayStation consoles in depth. This time we also include PS4 in the equation because Sony’s policy – at least for this year – is that the concept of intergenerational titles is present, as is the case with Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, where many works also have confirmed its version for the already past generation of machines.

We will then talk about exclusive video games for PlayStation consoles, in general, making it clear which titles are that, for whatever reason, are going to come out only on PS5 or on both platforms.

We mentioned earlier the fear of delays, and that’s how it is. Companies like Square Enix recognized that 2020 had paralyzed, for a few months, almost complete progress in many of their projects due to the pandemic; not all companies adapted equally to teleworking. There are hints, indeed, to think about possible dances on the calendar, like those Gran Turismo 7 and Ratchet & Clank references: Rift Apart for the first half and the PS5 launch window, respectively; while others, like God of War Ragnarok (tentative name) do not finish convincing among fans. Will SIE Santa Monica Studio have had time to have a sequel in three years?

These are aspects that we will see as the months go by, in the meantime, that’s how things are and that’s how we tell you about them.

Top exclusive console games for PS4 and PS5 in 2021
Destruction AllStars (PS5) – February 2021
The Nioh Collection (PS5) – February 5, 2021
Returnal (PS5) – March 19
Guilty Gear Strive (PS4, PS5, and PC) – April 9
Deathloop (PS5 and PC) – May 21, 2021 (one year exclusive on consoles)
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5) – 2021 (apparently first half)
Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) – 2021 (apparently, first half)
God of War: Ragnarok (PS5) – 2021
Horizon Forbidden West (PS4 and PS5) – Second Half 2021
Little Devil Inside (PS4, PS5, and PC) – 2021 (July?)
Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS4, PS5, and PC) – 2021 (March?) (Temporary exclusive)
Solar Ash (PS4, PS5 and PC) – 2021 (June?) (Temporary exclusive)
Stray (PS4, PS5, and PC) – 2021 (temporary exclusive)
Ghostwire: Tokyo (PS5 and PC) – 2021 (October?) (Temporary exclusive)


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