PlayStation Acquires Housemarque, Returnal Studio


PlayStation: Sony announced today (29) the purchase of the Housemarque studio, responsible for the PS5 Returnal game. The company revealed the news on its social networks and also on PlayStation Blog.

With the acquisition, Housemarque is now part of PlayStation Studios. Hermen Hulst, head of Sony’s game development division, celebrated the purchase of the producer, who has also worked on games such as Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Housemarque,” said the Sony executive. Studio co-founder Ilari Kuittinen said the acquisition guarantees a “clear and stable future” for the game maker, which has operated independently for 26 years.

Sony has not revealed new projects made by Housemarque so far. The studio is currently supporting Returnal, which was released on PS5 in April of this year.

Another acquisition on the way?

In addition to acquiring Returnal’s production company, Sony may also announce the purchase of another studio, Bluepoint Games. The possibility arose after a mistake made by PlayStation Japan, which was noticed by Twitter user “Nibellion”.

According to the Twitter user, this morning (29), during the announcement of the acquisition of Housemarque, PlayStation Japan published an image showing Bluepoint Games as part of Sony’s studios. The tweet with the image was deleted, but Twitter users managed to capture the moment and the published montage.

So far, Sony has not officially commented on the matter. According to rumors, Sony will be holding a gaming event soon, which could be the perfect stage to announce more news for the PS5 and give more details about the future of PlayStation Studios.


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