PlayStation 5’s Heartbreaking Price Revealed on Amazon


The price of the game console PlayStation 5, which Japanese technology giant Sony will release this year, appeared in Amazon UK. The price in the resulting image is the kind that will break the hearts of those who want to buy PS5.

An event for PlayStation 5, Sony’s new generation game console, will be held tomorrow. In this event, the games that will be released with the console itself are expected to be introduced. If there is anything to be announced at the event, it is the price of the console.

Although Sony will not officially announce the price of the console tomorrow, a very strong claim has been made about the price of the console. The price of PlayStation 5 with 2 TB of storage appeared in Amazon UK.

What will the price of Sony PlayStation 5 be?

The image above was shared by a Twitter user named Wario64. According to the shared image, the price of 2 TB PlayStation 5 is 599.99 pounds, that is 5.198 TL without tax. There were rumors that the console price would vary between $ 400 and $ 600. Apparently, the console will take its place on the shelves from the top step of these figures in rumors. Although there is a foreign exchange difference, it is assumed that PS5 will rise from 599 euro in European countries and 599 dollar in the USA.

$ 599 is a pretty serious price tag and can pose some problems for Sony. As one of the reasons that Xbox is lagging behind PlayStation in the current generation, Xbox One is shown to be 100 dollars more expensive than PlayStation 4. For Microsoft to sell the Xbox Series X for $ 499 to take advantage of the price advantage in this generation, it means that the problems are getting bigger for Sony.

As we mentioned above, it is not possible to see the price of PlayStation 5 at the event tomorrow. The price of both consoles is expected to be announced at the end of the summer. So what do you think about the price of PS5?


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