PlayStation 5’s first commercial released


Sony started its promotional activities for the next generation game console PlayStation 5 with its first commercial. The 1 minute and 14 seconds long ad does not show any PS5 games or provide information about the price of the console. Sony is talking about the 3D audio support of its new console and the game controller’s tactile feedback and adaptive trigger keys in the ad.

Sony stated that the PlayStation 5 will help people “feel more” and that people will “see with sound” in games. Sony has been emphasizing this for months, attaching great importance to the fact that new generation games “wrap” the players. The company also touched on the audio tracks at the PS5 event in June, and in its first look at the PS5 video, it focused solely on the DualSense controller.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s global marketing chief, Mary Yee, stated that the advertisement aims to see the features of the PS5 through the eyes and movements of a young woman. Yee continued: “These features excite us and we can’t wait for you to dive deeper into the world of games with PS5 and DualSense.”

Although the advertisement mentions the PlayStation 5’s 3D Audio feature and the DualSense controller, there is no information about the start of pre-order and price.

According to reports, Sony is struggling to keep the price of the PlayStation 5 low. It is stated that the main reason for this situation is the difficulties in component supply. It is also known that the company plans to release the diskless version of the PlayStation 5 in order to compete with Microsoft on price. Microsoft is sure to offer another affordable console option called the Xbox Series S.

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