PlayStation 5’s Fans Run Quite Quiet


Japanese streaming sites Dengeki Online and 4Gamer, who participated in the PS5 experience event, shared their experiences with the new generation console. Both sites stated that the fans of the PlayStation 5 were running very quietly and barely heard.

Japanese technology giant Sony will finally release the highly anticipated next-generation game console within next month. While pre-orders have started in many stores now, Sony held a PS5 experience event in Tokya prior to the release of the console. Japanese broadcast sites Dengeki Online and 4Gamer, participating in this event, had the opportunity to test the new generation console.

Sony’s previous generation PlayStation 4 game consoles received some criticism for their loud fan noise while operating. At the event, sources testing the PlayStation 5 with productions such as Godfall and Astro Playroom that will force the system, stated that the new generation console does not have such a problem and works very quietly.

PlayStation 5 fans are running very quietly:

At this point, the volume was so low, according to Dengeki Online, that they even thought about whether the console was turned on. Saying that they felt the hot air emanating from the system, 4Gamer similarly stated that the running noise of the fans was barely audible.

For now, we do not know exactly how the cooling system of the PlayStation 5 console works. In addition, the PlayStation 4 Pro was also very quiet when newly purchased, and after a few months of use, the noise in the fans increased significantly. We have to wait for long usage tests to see if the PlayStation 5 will likewise run louder after a few months of use.

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