PlayStation 5 will record voice chats


PlayStation 4 owners were surprised when they downloaded the console’s latest software update. The console informed that Sony has the right to record users’ voices for moderation purposes. With this update, Sony is also preparing the ground for its policy for the PS5.

It is confusing that no audio recording is mentioned in the notes of the update. However, a later statement by Sony helps to understand what the message means to users.

The statement in question states the following: “After the update, users see a notification that Party Security and party chats may be recorded. Voice chats for moderation will also be recorded on PS5. The notification you see on the PS4 informs you that when you have a voice chat with a PS5 user, it can be sent to Sony on the PS5. ”

This statement means that recordings can be sent to Sony for moderation purposes by another user, when involved in a voice chat, even with PlayStation 4. In theory, this may seem a little disturbing, as Sony does not explicitly consent from users. However, it can be said that this feature can be useful to prevent or punish those who act badly in party chats.

The language used by Sony in its statement shows that the company will not be constantly active listening.

In the framework of Sony PS5 preparations, the name of the PS4 Remote Play application is also called PS Remote Play.


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