PlayStation 5 will offer a different gaming experience


Two consoles that have become the focus of the gaming industry; Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be introduced before the end of this year. While the features of both devices are now known to everyone, the controller of the PS5 is determined to increase the DualSense gaming experience.

DualSense will take games to a different dimension!

In this context, the Haptic Feedback feature in the controller will come to the fore. Sony aims to bring the gaming experience to a different dimension with the Tempest Engine 3D and new controller controller in the new game console.

Thanks to the new technologies they have developed, they aim to go beyond a flat gaming experience and to draw the player into the game. Therefore, we can state that they attach great importance to these two technologies.

Many developers could not praise the new experience that came with DualSense. Therefore Sony; Although the PlayStation has lower hardware than the Xbox Series X, it seems to be working on technologies that will please gamers.

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