PlayStation 5 Will Make Money For Sony From June


PlayStation 5 will earn money for Sony from June. Sony announced last February that it had lost its PlayStation 5 sales. However, this situation seems to change very soon. According to the information provided by Sony at the investor event, the income and expenses of the PlayStation 5 will be equalized as of June and the PlayStation 5 will start to make money for the company in the same month.

It must be said that this transformation is fast. It looks like Sony will start making money from PlayStation 5 before it can even meet demand and as the global chip scarcity continues.

It is worth noting that this calculation is for the standard PlayStation 5. Here Sony is required to supply a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and pay a license fee of $ 8 per console. During the sale, there is a $ 100 difference. It is not known whether the diskless PlayStation 5 digital version is more or less profitable.

In his presentation where he shared information about Sony PlayStation 5, he also gave other important information. The company announced that the PC version of Uncharted 4, one of the popular games of the PlayStation ecosystem, will meet with the players. Sony has also resumed its promise to release PC versions of more PlayStation games.


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