PlayStation 5 was tricked by the 2K monitor!


With the introduction of new consoles, a lot of attention was paid to the performance of consoles in 4K resolution. However, the arrival of Watch Dogs Legion with 4K 30FPS support has given some expression to this excitement. Although it is known that this is caused by Ubisoft, 60 FPS support for 4K is not fully established. Consequently, some users may want to prefer 2K resolution. Now the PlayStation 5 has been tricked by a user using a 2K monitor. As it is known, PS5 does not officially support 2K resolution.

PlayStation 5 was tricked by a user using a 2K monitor

The PlayStation 5, released by Sony, does not officially support 1440p resolution. However, some monitors can reflect the 4K incoming image in 2K by reducing the resolution. The console thinks it gives the image in 4K, but the image is 2K. It is not a technical error that there is no official 1440p support on PlayStation 5s. In case of sufficient demand, Sony has stated that it will provide this support with the update.

When the lack of 2K monitor support was on the agenda recently, MSI made a statement on the issue. According to MSI, the company stated that it will correct this situation with a feature it will bring under the name of console mode and that the PlayStation 5 can also be used in 2K resolution. In addition, the PlayStation 5 was tricked by a user using a 2K monitor. The user, who stated the situation on Twitter, noticed that 4K resolution information appeared on the console when he connected the console to his monitor via HDMI 2.0.

Some 2K monitors have a built-in resolution downloader to accept the 4K signal from the PS5. In this way, PS5 can be used on monitors with 1440p resolution. A rough list of monitors with this feature has been created by a Reddit user. You can access the list of monitors here.


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