PlayStation 5 simulator has been developed: in your home!


Free PlayStation 5 simulator was released. Alex Grade, a game developer, came to the rescue of those who for whatever reason could not meet the PlayStation 5. Sony’s new console will be available in our country on November 19, 2020.

Videos about boxes of electronic items are very popular. Grade wanted everyone to experience this moment, albeit through a virtual world, and developed such a simulator, attracting attention. Now you will be able to open the PlayStation 5 box and view it.

What does the free PlayStation 5 simulator offer?

Grade, in an e-mail sent to a news platform called Polygon, stated that he could not buy the PlayStation 5 in the near future, that he really wanted to have a PlayStation 5 and prepared this game. The life of Grade, who completed this project in a week, was also included.

Even the inability of this person who developed the PlayStation 5 simulator in cable management took its place in this production, which includes a story that is very realistic from delivery to installation. What can you do with the free PlayStation 5 simulator with 947 MB ​​file size?

As in real life, a delivery will arrive at your door and you will receive it. Later, you will open the box of your console and set up your device by managing the cable layout which has been prepared in a very bad way.


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