PlayStation 5 sales figures announced


Sony’s new game console PlayStation 5 remained on the agenda with stock problems for a long time, and the company even made a statement that all the stocks were sold. However, Sony, which managed to meet the needs with a rapid recovery on the production side, came out with PlayStation 5 sales figures.

According to the company’s latest financial report, 4.5 million PlayStation 5 were sold worldwide in 2020. Demand for PlayStation 4 fell 77 percent from a year earlier, with 1.4 million units in the October – December period.

PlayStation 5 sales figures put a smile on Sony’s face

It is stated that Sony, which performed much better in the game industry compared to the previous year, achieved the best quarter in PlayStation history for the October – December period. The company’s revenue increased by around 40 percent to $ 8.4 billion, while operating profit increased by 50 percent to $ 763.3 million.

Sony has confirmed in a statement that the expenses associated with the launch of the PS5 compensated some of the profit gains and also confirmed that the PS5 hardware was sold at a price lower than its cost.

PlayStation 4 had 4.5 million units sold in the launch quarter. Microsoft has not yet disclosed sales figures for the Xbox Series X and Series S, but said Xbox hardware revenue increased 86 percent year-on-year.


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