PlayStation 5: Possible price may be leaked on the website


The price of the new PlayStation 5 (PS5) may have leaked on the French website of Carrefour, this Monday (3). According to the figures revealed by the store, the PS5 Digital Edition, without a Blu-Ray drive, would cost 399 euros (about R $ 2,500, in direct conversion), while the normal version, equipped with a disc player, would cost 499 euros. (R $ 3,130 at the current price).

The prices, which were caught by the French website PhonAndroid, would have been published by mistake during the disclosure of the console’s pre-sale page in the French store. Despite this, it is not known whether the figures are official or only used to complete the pages. So far, Sony has not revealed the release date or how much the new console costs.

In any case, the values ​​published by the store have some support in reality. Sony launched the PS4 and PS4 Pro in 2013 and 2016 respectively, in the same price range of 399 euros. On both occasions, the PlayStation proved to be cheaper than competitors Xbox One and Xbox One X.

The amount of 499 euros would be applied to the edition equipped with a PS5 disc player. The extra feature is an interesting proposition for those who value the possession of physical copies of the games they enjoy, or else want to have easy access to their PS4 games library.

In addition to the consoles, the French store chain listings also indicate accessory prices. The DualSense controls, the charging base for controls, the new Pulse headset, the camera and the PS5 remote control all cost 49.90 euros (R $ 312).

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