PlayStation 5: Possible initial price of the console is revealed


The price of the PlayStation 5 has reportedly been revealed, and if the price is correct, then the Sony console is cheaper than everyone thinks it will be.

According to Canadian retailer Play N Trade (via Notebookcheck), the PS5 will cost $ 600 CA, which is about $ 400 dollars.

In other words, according to the retailer, the next-generation Sony console will cost the same as a PS4 at its initial launch in 2013.

As you know, most analysts and informed predictions have priced the console at $ 500.

However, now that we know that its starting price is $ 400, this will greatly affect the sales of this new generation console.

That being said, it is possible that the starting price was $ 400 or $ 500, the aforementioned retailer is currently pre-ordering the said console, which it suspects will launch in its stipulated time.

We hope that this news is true and we managed to have the Sony console at that special price.


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