PlayStation 5 overseas price leaked


New developments are taking place on Sony’s new game console PlayStation 5 price, which the console players are eagerly waiting for. PlayStation 5 overseas price, whose general pricing and technical features are not revealed, has leaked.

PlayStation 5 overseas price leaked

It was said that the PS5 disc version will have a price tag of $ 499 / £ 449 / € 499 with the leakage that occurred in the past days. It was reported that the PS5 digital version will be $ 399 / £ 349 / € 399.

According to the new prices displayed on a foreign-sourced sales channel, the price of the PlayStation 5 digital version turned out to be 399 euro and the disc version will be 499 euro. The price of DualSense is around 49 euro, according to the same leak.

As it is known, the new generation console gets its power from an eight-core processor that will be built on AMD’s 3rd generation Zen architecture. Using the AMD signed Radeon Navi family on the graphics side, the PS5 can climb to the 8K level. Ray tracing support, which will advance the era of light effects, is among the remarkable details. In addition, the PS5’s dedicated 825 GB NVMe SSD unit operates at exactly 5,500 MB / s.

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