PlayStation 5 Officially Introduced: Here are the First Images


PlayStation 5, which has not fallen from the language of the players for a long time, finally appeared. We have compiled all the information for you, such as the price and features of the game console, which many people have been eagerly waiting for and have recently made a lot of news.

The new member of the PlayStation family, one of the world’s best-selling consoles, PlayStation 5 has been officially introduced. In Sony’s special event, the technical features of the device were not revealed precisely. However, the design of the PlayStation 5 has become definite.

There will be two versions of PlayStation 5. Game discs can be physically attached to one of these versions. In the other version, there will be no disc input, and games can be downloaded to the internal memory over the internet.

PlayStation 5 -pending- features:

Processor: 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, up to 3.5 GHz
Graphics Processor: AMD Radeon RDNA 2, Beam tracking acceleration support, variable frequency up to 2.23 GHz
Storage: 825 GB SSD, 5.5 GB / s read speed
Sound: Tempest 3D
Gaming Disc: Ultra HD Blu-ray up to 100GB / disc
Video Output: 4K 120 Hz, 8K, VRR support (HDMI 2.1), (Televisions also need to support)

Beam tracking acceleration support allows for more natural light and reflection in games, as well as an increase in overall graphics quality in games where it can be used. It goes without saying that this technology will be used abundantly in the upcoming games.

Another important feature of the device will be the sound quality. Tempest 3D, a highly advanced audio technology, will wipe our ears on PlayStation 5. This system, which can give hundreds of special sounds at the same time, is also eagerly awaited. The presentation of this system was behind the recommendation of Sony manager Sid Shuman to listen to the launch with headphones.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition:

At the launch, where Sony generally focuses on PlayStation 5 games, the most important detail we have met outside of design was the Digital Edition version. There will be no external disk input on this version, and players will download the games they purchase via PlayStation Network to the device via the internet.

PlayStation 5 price:

Sony has not announced the price of the new PlayStation 5 yet, but it is possible to keep the figures stable and change their currencies in Europe and the USA. We’ve seen a similar pricing logic for PlayStation 4 before. At that time, Sony went on to keep the numbers constant and change the units. We presented you the detailed calculation of the price details in our news.

When will PlayStation 5 go on sale?

At the Sony official event, PlayStation 5 only focused on the design and games. The company has not officially announced the sales date of the console at this time. However, our expectations point to the end of 2020. Because a significant part of the games announced for PlayStation 5 marks the fall of 2020 or the first months of 2021.


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